At Genius IT Solutions, we believe in research driven and knowledge based product development. We provide free initial consultation and product cost estimate. Our team is fixated on giving solutions incorporating innovative and smart technology - that is both reliable and robust

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Services We focus on

How We Deliver

  1. Define project requirements
  2. Discuss costs involved
  3. Create a contract


  1. Match the existing content with the proposed design
  2. dentify gaps in content
  3. Prepare wireframes and sitemap
  4. UX/UI design


  1. Scripting and coding
  2. File structure
  3. Backend system development and integration
  1. Quality testing plan
  2. Surpass client’s expectation
  1. Upload to server
  2. Search engine indexing
  1. Identifying and fixing issues if any
  2. Updating relevant content

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Frequentlty  asked questions

This depends on your requirements. It’s not possible to give exact price without knowing full scope of the project.
To get a better idea on the cost of a website, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1300 917 949

We require 30% of the total value at the time of starting the project. We will organise a meeting for demo of final project. Once the project is approved, you need to pay rest of the balance.


Yes, we strongly advice on having a responsive design to improve the readability of the website across various devices like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile phones.

In general, we complete a basic website in less than a week. But It all depends on your requirements. 

Yes, we provide all graphics related services.

Yes. We can modify, update or redesign existing websites and software packages.

Yes, we do provide domain registration and hosting services. In addition, we provide email services as well.

Recent Portfolio

Pricing Plans

Always know what you'll pay.

Digi-Kilo Plan


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Revise and audit your site and your social media pages
  • One post along with a flyer per week on Facebook
  • Video for social media - $99 for 30 sec clip
  • Facebook Ads*
  • Google Adwords*
  • IT Support
  • Website maintenance
  • Support over the phone - 2 hours /month (additional $40/hour)
  • Onsite support - additional $60/hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Support call between 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Email Signatures upto 3 users

* Terms and conditions apply. Incurs additional costs charged by Google and Facebook

Digi-Mega Plan


Everything from Digi-Kilo +

  • SEO
  • Perform keyword research ad analyse the competitors
  • Generate Sitemap so all the webpages are visible to the Search Engine
  • Register business in Google's local listing Traffic and backlink analysis
  • On page and off page SEO
  • Search Engine friendly blogpost/content creation
  • Email Marketing setup and template design
  • Subscriber list management
  • Funneling traffic to the main site
  • Website backup quarterly
  • Email Signatures upto 10 users
  • Email backup every month
  • Free SSL, Invoice System
  • Generate Monthly Report
  • Generat a reprot once a month highlighting the progress and support received

* Terms and conditions apply. Incurs additional costs charged by Google and Facebook

Digi-Tera Plan


Everything from Digi-Mega +

  • Google PPC/AdWords*
  • Perform keyword research and analyse the competitors
  • Create Google ad campaigns targeting keywords/key-phrases
  • Create and effective campaign to genearte leads
  • Website and email backup fortnightly
  • Email Sgnatures upto 20 users
  • Free SSL, CRM, Invoice System

* Terms and conditions apply. Incurs additional costs charged by Google and Facebook


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